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Migrating Monarchs! Help track the journey of these incredible insects!

Updated: Jun 19

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A volunteer shows a freshly applied tracking tag on a Monarch butterfly

Every fall, millions of monarch butterflies make the journey from their northern homes to Mexico for the winter. Monarchs can be found in most of the US and much of Canada. All of these butterflies are unable to winter in such cold climates and must migrate south in an incredible annual event.

In the Great Lakes Region, some places are known for their location on the monarch migration. The Grand Traverse archipelago, the series of islands extending north from the Door Peninsula, are popular rest stops for these insects to safely recharge as they prepare for the next leg of their journey.

For several years, the Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands have gathered on Plum Island each August to gently net passing monarchs and apply a safe, specially made tag to their wing. These tags are distributed to individuals and organizations across the country in order to track the migration patterns with the hopes of unlocking some of the many mysteries surrounding this incredible natural phenomenon.

For more information on the migration of monarchs, see Monarch Watch

This August, you can join the Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands and tag monarchs yourself! Your trip begins at Gills Rock where you’ll board FOPPI’s boat, The Shoreline for a trip to Plum Island, a former Coast Guard and lighthouse facility that is now part of the Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

You’ll learn fun facts about the Monarch butterfly, their migration and the role this part of the country plays in it as well as what we can do to protect these fragile creatures.  You will get a chance to net the butterflies, apply a monitoring tag them, and trace their migration south to aid scientists in studying their population and migration patterns. 


CRUISE DATE:           August 21, 2024

Transportation: Board The Shoreline at Gills Rock

Time: 9:00 to 12:00pm

Cost: Adults (Ages 13+) $35 Children (Ages 12 & Under) $25


Proceeds from this workshop will go toward historic preservation of the maritime structures on Plum and Pilot Islands.  Thank you for your support!


Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, we will consider your ticket price to be a donation to the Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands.


Inclement Weather

Occasionally, a trip needs to be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  If this situation arises, a FOPPI volunteer coordinator will contact you to determine if you would like your registration fee to be 1) donated to FOPPI, or 2) refunded.  Thanks for your understanding and support of FOPPI.


Register and Purchase your Ticket Here!


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