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No matter your skills or talents, or even the limitations to your time, there is something important that YOU can help us with in the preservation of the buildings on Plum and Pilot Island. All it takes is for you to step forward and say, “I want to help!” Whether your interest or talents are in lighthouse restoration, teaching others about the lighthouses and their heritage, fundraising or sharing the message of our preservation efforts out and about Door County, there is no shortage of ways for you to help and meet new friends who share your passion.  

Some of the ways members can help… 


  • Regardless of where you live, you and your family can become members and help to save Pilot and Plum Island’s rich lighthouse heritage! Become involved today with our exciting and ever-growing efforts to protect these treasures.

  • We are looking for volunteers who would enjoy making a hands-on contribution to the effort of restoring the buildings on the islands back to their former glory. Regardless of your skills or talents, you can help. From trade skills to much-needed basic labor, the ways to contribute are both numerous and wide ranging. Think about it!  What better way to spend a day than working on an island in Lake Michigan, enjoying nature and making new friends?  Join our team today!  

  • If you enjoy talking with others, then getting involved with educating others about the history, value and importance of our lighthouse heritage - and the urgency of saving it today, is for you!   

  • The most sought after talent and desire on our “wish list” is the willingness of volunteers to raise vital funds for the preservation. You do not need to be a businessperson to be effective at fundraising.  All monies – no matter how small, are important. It is the sum of our team efforts that determines how successful we are at saving the lighthouses and Coast Guard station. Can you solicit memberships, sell raffle tickets, staff a merchandise table or ask the places you shop at on mainland to donate?   

  • Any time we have a chance to spread the message of our lighthouse preservation to hundreds at the same time, the opportunity must be seized.  There is no better way to make large groups aware of our mission than at community events, ceremonies and outreaches where crowds are certain to gather. Staffing an outreach table with volunteers brings together the camaraderie and fun that comes with interacting with others, while providing opportunities for fundraising through displays, individual interaction and the sale of merchandise and memberships. Are you willing to share your passion? 

Are you in?! Join us!


To become a new member or renew your membership, please download and fill out the PDF or click "Purchase Membership."

If joining or renewing by mail, please send your completed form and check to the following address, made payable to Friends of Plum & Pilot Islands:
Friends of Plum & Pilot Islands 
PO Box 61 
Washington Island, WI 54246

Your membership entitles you to receive:
• FOPPI Forum newsletter 
• Invitation to FOPPI Annual Meeting 
• Opportunity to volunteer on the islands 
FOPPI is a 501c(3) Charitable Organization. 
Your gift is tax deductible, as provided by law. 

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