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Death's Door Shipwrecks

The Death's Door area is home to around 240 shipwrecks, and adventurers can explore 25 of them (including the Grape Shot near Plum Island that you can snorkel to!) in some way or another. 
FOPPI offers an educational cruise aboard our 16-passenger boat, The Shoreline to view these and other area wrecks.

Please remember, it is illegal to remove, deface, injure or destroy any archaeological object from a shipwreck site without state permission.
Such violations are punishable by fines from $1,000 to $5,000.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wardens have the power to obtain search warrants and make arrests to enforce these laws.

External links lead to "WI Shipwreck" vessel profiles


Forest (Wrecked 10/28/1891)

J.E. Gilmore (Wrecked 10/17/1892)

A.P. Nichols (Wrecked 10/28/1892)


Grape Shot (Wrecked 11/1867)

Resumption (Wrecked 11/7/1914)

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