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FOPPI President attends History Advocacy Day at the WI State Capitol

On April 17th, FOPPI President Mary Beth Volmer attended the Wisconsin Historical Society’s 7th Annual History Advocacy Day in Madison.  History advocates from around the state met to thank lawmakers for their ongoing support of Wisconsin history and highlight the critical role that state and local history play in collecting, preserving, and sharing stories.  The goal of the advocacy is to secure state funding, federally designated spending, and competitive grant opportunities while showcasing the Society’s current proposition with statewide programming and democratizing its vast national collection.  Additionally, advocacy helps our decision-makers understand the importance of the museums, local history organizations, and historic sites throughout Wisconsin while endorsing the unique way the Society and affiliates inspire and engage guests throughout Wisconsin and beyond.


She had the opportunity to meet with a staffer for State Senator Dan Knodl and State Representative Paul Melotik.  While Knodl and Melotik do not represent Door County, they do advocate for and align with the same goals and objectives as FOPPI does.  Volmer told them about the flotsam that washes ashore on Plum Island (Styrofoam, plastic bottles, balloons, plastic bags) and asked that they continue to voice their concerns for our environment.  She also talked to them about the importance of supporting historic preservation training in the trades.  She left them with copies of our newsletter, brochure and handy bookmarks to remember the visit.



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