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A Bit About the Boat

In April of 2022 Jim Robinson, master captain and charter operator of Shoreline Charters, communicated to Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands (FOPPI) President, Mary Beth Volmer that he would be slowing down, and only operating charter trips that year.  He also mentioned that he would be interested in selling the boat (exclusively) to FOPPI for $100,000 which is a greatly discounted market price.  Jim has supported FOPPI through the years and has been impressed with the work that we have done.  His goal was to keep her in the northern Door waters.  Jim also offered to remain as Captain and train others to fill in when he was unavailable.

The Shoreline is an inspected passenger vessel licensed for up to 16 passengers (depending on time of the year).  She was built in 1973 as a ‘Peterson Converted Navy Patrol River Patrol Boat’ for use in the Vietnam war but stayed state-side when the war ended. 

She is 31’ 6” long, powered by two four-cycle V-8 gasoline fuel injection engines and will be docked at Kaps Marina in Detroit Harbor, Washington Island.  Her recent Coast Guard inspection found zero deficiencies, which is quite rare for an inspected boat to pass with a 100% score, and the survey (needed for the Coast Guard inspection) noted her as being in an ‘ABOVE AVERAGE CONDITION’. 

She was well maintained and loved by her former owner and his family!

Owning the boat enables FOPPI to share the islands with the public and contribute profits to benefit historic preservation and long-range management of the islands.  It also presents the opportunity to add additional volunteer workdays to our calendar, transport contractors and potential donors to the islands as well as opportunities for volunteering on this beautiful boat.

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